Cocoa Pollination for Optimised Production

Fascination of Plants is an international intiative intended to increase public engagement with plant sciences. As part of the University of Greenwich's event, CocoaPOP staff had a stall exploring a number of areas of plant-sciences related research carried out by the group at NRI. Prominently featured was cocoa and cocoa pollination, with examples of the insects found on cocoa farms, and some real cocoa pods for visitors to see, smell and touch! Very few UK children have ever seen a cocoa pod in real life, so it was an exciting opportunity to engage them with where their chocolate bar came from, as well as to discuss the future of cooca and whether production can continue to meet demand.

FoPs crop

We also featured a chocolate tasting, with samples of single-origin dark chocolate (70-75%) from countries across the world. We are pleased to say that Caribbean cocoa was a frequent favourite among our visitors!