Cocoa Pollination for Optimised Production

The CocoaPOP closing meeting has taken place.


"Cocoa Pollination Research Advances" was held at the UTT Agora Campus on 5th April 2016.

There were initial addresses from the President of UTT, representatives from the Cocoa Industry Board of Jamaica, the EU and the CocoaPOP external advisory board, as well as the project coordinator Dr Puran Bridgemohan.

There were then presentations from various academics presenting organisations involved in the research and training conducted over the course of the project, including some perspectives from farmers, and a panel discussion to close with thoughts shared by the stakeholders attending.


CocoaPOP crew


We were delighted to welcome a range of delegates, including farmers, researchers, Ministry representatives, project management staff and industry representatives to the meeting. Discussion was lively and varied, and we enjoyed sharing the research and findings to date.





A complete set of photos from the meeting are available from the University of Trinidad and Tobago official photostream.


Extracts from some of the talks and addresses are also available from the UTT YouTube channel:

Mr James Rawle, Chairman of the Cocoa Industry Board of Jamaica

Mr Vernon Barrett, Chairman of the CococaPOP External Advisory Board

Mr Bob Ramnanam, CABI

Dr Sarah Arnold, NRI


Some pdfs of the talks will be made available here in due course.


We hope to continue many aspects of this research work into the future and build on what we've learned, in order to bring positive change to cocoa and help to create a sustainable future for it in the Caribbean and beyond!