Cocoa Pollination for Optimised Production

CocoaPOP closing meeting: videos


Here are some videos made by UTT Marketing during the course of the closing meeting.


Introductory addresses:

Mr James Rawle, Chairman of the Cocoa Industry Board, Jamaica

Mr Vernon Barrett, Chair of the CocoaPOP External Advisory Board introduces the project and its objectives and progress


Scientific addresses:

Dr Puran Bridgemohan, Crop Scientist, talking about cocoa phenology and cocoa midge augementation

Mr Bob Ramnanan, CABI scientist, talking about DNA barcoding of cocoa midges

Dr Sarah Arnold, Behavioural Entomologist/Pollination Ecologist, introducing the project and talking about cocoa pollination and biodiversity

Prof Phil Stevenson, Natural Products Chemist, talking about the chemical ecology behind cocoa pollination