How to conserve energy this winter as energy prices soar

With natural gas supply constraints and electric and gas costs hitting all-time-highs, conserving as much energy as possible this winter may be a necessity for many.

In summer 2022, Massachusetts had the fifth most expensive energy costs in the country, according to WalletHub, and prices are further soaring at unprecedented rates going into winter.

Which means now may be the time to stock up on energy-saving tips and respources.

There are the staples: Unplug cords and appliances not in use. Use toasters rather than ovens when possible. Run dishwashers at full capacity. Remove lint from your dryer. Set your water heater to 120°F and your fridge to 38°F. And so on.

And there are some more creative options, like recording shows to skip commercials and putting lamps in the corner of rooms to maximize light.

Many appliances are also key tools to conserve energy, including smaller easily-accessible ones like LED lightbulbs and smart power strips.

Both Eversource and National Grid offer incentives and rebates for customers to purchase energy efficient products and home energy assessments.

There are also government and community resources for discounts and assistance, including local Community Action Agencies’ low-income assistance, weatherization and other programs.

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